VEGAN: To be or not to be? That is the question.


Yes, I know, cheesy title, but it’s a question many people grapple with. After my husband passed away in 2012 from a brain tumor, I finally found my passion. I took all I had learned from his 6-year battle, studied, and became certified in Traditional Nutrition. It taught me about food before everything changed, and they started adding additives, GMOs, processing, cruelty to animals we eat, and spraying crops with chemicals. I was convinced everyone needs to eat healthy animal protein to be healthy, and that’s it!!

I realized no one is exactly the same. We all have our inherited crap (emotional and physical), our social circumstances, the people who take care of us who influence how we think, feel, and eat, and just the unfortunate things that happen to us in our lives. All of these things affect us emotionally and physically. Our bodies are in constant need of healing from it all.

I hope we can all agree balance is the goal in all aspects of our life. We are all starting from a different point. Example: My niece, Briana, and I are the family's health advisors (in our own minds I’m sure!). She is a devout Vegan. I am a devout animal protein eater. We both can spout off scientific studies to support our own points of view. We have gotten into some major debates! What I love about Bri is she is so passionate and throws herself into living her best life. Being vegan is her passion. My mom, Grams to her, was going down a path of bad health several years ago. Bri and I came at her from both sides. I started her on some good, pure vitamins and educated her on pure foods. Bri finally talked her into trying out the vegan lifestyle. She really helped her adapt. She cooked for her and gave her great recipe ideas. 

After 6 months or so, her doctor was amazed at how her health had changed! He asked, “What have you been doing? You are definitely moving in the right direction”. She is 80 years old now. She started about 5 years ago. That’s not easy to do. After a year or two, she started adding a little animal protein during special occasions but still eats 90% vegan.

A woman smiles near a countertop with tomatoes and a pizza

What is my point of this story? Mom needed to be hyper-aware of what was going into her body to nourish her. Briana taught her to use pure ingredients and cut out the things that might be exacerbating her situation, like meats raised inhumanly, processed foods, pastured dairy and from cows who were unhealthy, etc…Mom learned that eating a lot of animal protein was not good for HER body. She began to heal and thrive. She found her balance.

Animal protein: is it right for you?

Mom’s balance isn’t my balance. My body needs pure animal protein to thrive. Animal protein, such as cows and chickens roaming freely on the pasture eating what they are supposed to, like grass and worms soaking in Vitamin D from the sun. This is a healthy, happy animal. This is what some need to eat if eating animal protein is part of their balanced health. Cows are supposed to eat grass. If they eat grain, it’s like feeding them plastic. It’s not right for their system. Eating a cow shot up with hormones and eating grain is like eating plastic for us too. The life some animals lead is horrific, like a horror movie! Do you think eating an animal who has been abused their whole life is healthy? Emotions play a huge part in health.

That’s why I respect Briana so much. This is her passion in life. She is fighting for the souls of these mistreated animals. This is one major reason some give up animal protein. Their hearts hurt so badly that they can’t even imagine putting that into their bodies. I agree with her pain. As gruesome as it is, everyone should see at least one documentary on how mistreated animals are raised and slaughtered before going to the grocery store. It’s one of the hardest horror movies you will watch but eye-opening.

Vegan or meat eater we agree the food we do choose to eat has to be pure and nourishing  foods untouched by modern societies unnatural additives and practices.  We don’t want to give up on foods we grew up on and enjoy. You can have it all folks! There are companies who care about what the world is consuming like Stone Sisters Organics. If you haven’t tried our Happie Organic Sprouted Spelt Pizza Crusts and Happie Cheese Pizza you are in for a huge party in your mouth! They are a vegan and meat eaters’s delight with none of the anguish of traditional white and wheat crusts.  

Helping your body thrive

Why is it right for me to eat healthy and happy animal protein? Because that is what MY body needs to be balanced and thriving. It is a natural thing for animals to eat animals. Is it right for you? That’s for YOU to figure out, not a doctor, not your friend, family member, or famous person. You are unique, my friend. Bullshit aside. Keep thriving for your best quality of life. It sure is fun waking up with energy. Reach for that in your own way.  

🧡 - Sheli

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