Your most prized possession

Do you understand what you have? You have you!! YOU are the center of your universe. How do you see yourself? Do you understand all the potential of being your best? Don’t look at that movie star, look at you. You are the star of your life. You are not only responsible for your survival but your quality of life. Quality of life is just as important as survival. We always hear “live for today, be in the present”. A bad quality of life makes it very difficult to live in the present. You are the one thing in your life that is all yours. You need to be #1 if you have #2, 3, 4 

So how do you treat your most personal and valuable possession? Some think buying expensive products, exercising for hours a day, taking the latest all encompassing vitamin or drink, deep meditation for hours, or doing the most popular detox is the way to go. Trust me, I did too!! But all you really need is BALANCE of mind, body, and spirit. Seems simple huh? The trick to your balance is understanding you are very unique. There is no one like you. When you rely on advice from sources who don’t know you, balance is impossible.

So how do you find YOUR balance? First step is, do you really you want to? Second, you have to be curious and open. Third, your life is in a constant state of change, learn to use it for good. Lastly you have to understand BALANCE is a lifelong goal. If you begin your balance journey with these steps, then you have a chance!!!

You have to want it? Sure, I want to be my best. But there is a lot between where you are now and living in balance. The “want” must be such a desire to strive for balance that it is a natural part of your life. Each time I find something that fits with my balance I get extra excited. My family and friends laugh because of the excitement and passion I feel discovering the next life changing, life hack.

How do you find your life hacks? Be in a constant state of curiosity and openness. Sure, most information doesn’t fit. Yes, I tried a ton of different things and I kick myself for being taken in by things that were so silly. But continue to stay open for the next thing that gives you a leg up on life. It’s totally worth it! Once you put yourself on that path then things start easily presenting themselves. A few of my life hacks in my 55th year of life include (in no particular order): texting my daughter, (who is away at college) every single night to tell her I love her and good night, saying I love you to my family and friends every time I see or talk to them, living my passion, waking up every single day and getting to work with my sisters, growing Stone Sisters Organics, Stone Sisters Manufacturing, and Stone Edibles, energy healing, Perfect Aminos, Lifevantage vitamins, hot yoga once a week with meditation, daily interval workouts, 3 days a week of intermittent fasting, dinner at least once a week with my husband and sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir, dreaming and talking about healthy pizza and fixing up rental properties together, starting my day intentionally, being grateful, traveling with my lifelong girlfriends who really know and support me, eating my 80/20 rule (80% pure foods and 20% not giving a hoot), having a general positive outlook on life, and La Baguette’s chocolate mousse dessert (so yummy)!!! Inch by inch find what makes your mind, body, and spirit happy and do that!!

Change is the only constant in my life. I have learned to get excited about change instead of fearing it. Yes, it can be scary during some seasons of change, but if you are in a place where you aren’t mostly happy then change needs to happen. Keep in mind, scary stuff happens to all of us! Just remember, this too shall pass. I will have days when I am upset, sad and just generally in a bad mood. Those days are less and less as I continue to strive for my balance. If I put my 30 year-old self next to my 55-year-old self it would look like two different people. So much change has happened.  I thank my lucky stars!! I am so glad I grew to be more curious and open, or a lot of that change wouldn’t have gone on a positive path.

Even though I didn’t understand what balance meant in my younger years, I have spent most of my life on a constant path of searching for my balance. I’m sure reading this sounds exhausting. It really hasn’t been. When you put yourself on a certain path the universe says ok here you go!! If you had told my 30-year-old self “you will develop amazing products called Happie Sprouted Spelt Crust and Happie Cheese Pizza, and it will be in 1,000’s of stores, the world will be able to eat nourishing pizza all the time and love it”. I would have said “well how the hell will I get there”? Somehow in my quest for my balance I am on this incredible highway.

Want it, be open, embrace change, and continue your quest for balance of mind, body, and spirit. You are the master of your own personal and fascinating universe.

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