Cooking with Ancient Grains

In the early days as a Certified Traditional Nutritionist, we looked for grains that would boost the nutrition of everyday indulgences. Ancient grains like quinoa were already making their way into modern kitchens. Because it is high in protein, quinoa is still a great alternative to rice or a great base for a salad. But we wanted something that our pizza-loving health conscious clients would love, and not notice that we had dropped traditional wheat from the recipe.

Spelt has been cultivated since 5,000 BC and is a grain that is often sold in the form of berries. Because it is still technically wheat, spelt is not gluten-free, but our Organic Sprouted Spelt is a gluten friendly, low-glycemic product that is very easy to digest.

High in protein, our spelt is sprouted before it is milled into flour. This boosts the essential vitamins and minerals, like zinc, vitamin B, and iron. The easy digestibility of our Organic Sprouted Spelt Flour means more of the beneficial nutrition makes its way into your body. And that Makes Your Body Smile.

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